ALKO-SORB is a new complex drug which is directed to control symptoms of alcoholic intoxication and hangover. Thanks to its unique composition of three components, ALKO-SORB acts at all stages of alcohol metabolism in the body.
How is the effect of ALKO-SORB?
ALKO-SORB consists of three components: silicon alcohol sorbent agent, succinic acid and taurine.

Silicone alcohol sorbent 
– the efficiency of the use of the alcohol sorbent for the purpose of removal alcohol syndromee, as well as quick sobering effect explains its ability to bind and quickly remove excess of alcohol and its toxins from the body. It has strong detoxification effect, eliminates alcohol toxic load on the liver and kidneys. At the same time, it is absolutely safe, based on natural silicon.

Succinic acid 
– accelerates the process of alcohol “burning out” in the body, quickly eliminates hangover syndromees and has a sobering effect. The alcohol that was drunk develops into acetate aldehyde in the liver – a toxic agent which causes hangover. Succinic acid helps the body to overcome detoxication, accelerates the process of conversion acetate aldehyde into less harmful substances, carbon dioxide and water, thereby removing the smell of booze.

– contributes to improving energy metabolism in the body. Restores energetics of the nerve cells so much that the memory, attention and mood sharply improve. Normalization of sleep is one of the important effects of taurine. On the next morning, there is a feeling of freshness, vivacity. The phrase “You feel recharged” is the best to refer the physiological effect of taurine.

How to take ALKO-SORB?

  • to remove the symptoms of drunkenness and hangover, take 2 sachets in the evening before bedtime and if necessary, repeat the same dose in the morning;
  • to prevent drunkenness, take 2 sachets before or after the feast.

Drug form:
ALKO-SORB sachets, 4 sachets in mini-boxes.
ALKO-SORB sachets, 3 mini-boxes in a package.