Adsorbing feed mix Atoxil VP+ is a unique complex of adsorbent mycotoxins of the 4th generation.
It is produced on the production facilities of the pharmaceutical company Orisil-Pharm, awarded with the certificate of compliance with GMP and DSTU ISO 22000: 2007.

Atoxil VP+
 is an original composition of three types of the adsorbents: silicon, organic and mineral which provide maximum synergetic effect and broad spectrum of effect.

Double action is a unique advantage of Atoxil VP+ feed additive:

  1. Decontamination of feed and gastrointestinal tract of animals from the toxic substances: mycotoxins, enterotoxins, allergens, phytotoxins, ammonia.
  2. Decontamination of feed and gastrointestinal tract of animals from pathogenic bacteria and various kinds of fungi.

Usage of Atoxil VP+ allows to resolve problem of unsatisfactory feeding and forget about the diseases and economic losses:

  1. Increases feed conversion;
  2. Reduces the fattening period;
  3. Increases productivity: meat, milk and eggs productivity;
  4. Loss of cattle significantly decreases;
  5. The condition of the parent flock improves and, as a result, the reproduction of the livestock improves;
  6. Significantly reduces expenses for medications (antibacterial drugs (antibiotics, sulfanilamides), anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotectors, electrolytes, generics, etc.).
  7. Improves the quality of livestock products to the organic class;
  8. High-quality products yield larger profits.

Due to the original composition of diverse sorbents, Atoxil VP + demonstrates high sorption activity, in the gastrointestinal tract it quickly foxes and removes toxins of various origin from the body.

Silicon sorbent 
(highly dispersed silicon dioxide)
– it is a powerful adsorbent with a unique microsphere structure. 100 g of silicon sorbent provides a sorption area of 4 hectares!
– due to electrostatic sorption, it acts as a powerful magnet. More than 95% of harmful substances are adsorbed in 30 minutes;
– due to the unique spatial structure it adsorbs pathogenic agents of different origin and size: agents of protein origin, low molecular weight substances, gases;
– it produces antifungal and antimicrobial effect: it adsorbs and removes pathogenic microbes and fungi in the amount of 109 – 1010 microbial cells/1 g

Organic component 
(inactivated yeast – Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
– 500 grams cover an adsorption surface equal to approximately 1 ha;
– it enhances adsorption of mycotoxins: aflatoxins, T-2 toxin, desoxynivalenol, zearalenone, vomitoxin, ochratoxin, nivalenol, fusariotoxin, DAS;
– it stimulates the body’s own nonspecific immunity without side effects;
– it supports the body during pregnancy and lactation, vaccination, stress, during recovery, during strenuous exercise.

White clay

– natural adsorbent, activation of clay minerals by acids makes them more porous, and electro-chemically active, this adsorbent increases the adsorption capacity;
– it has enveloping, anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective effect;
– it promotes the restoration and formation of the natural microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Spectrum of action

Due to the unique composition of active substances Atoxil VP+ adsorbs and removes:
– a wide range of mycotoxins :3-ADON; 15-ADON; aflatoxin B1(AF B1), B2 (AF-B2), G1 (AF-G1), G2 (AF-G2), ALT; caller ID; AME; DON; DON; DAS; fumonsins B1(RO-1), B2 (RO-2), VZ (FB-3); futureon-X(F-X); NT-2; NEO; NIV; OTA; roquefortine С (ROO-C); STERIG; T2; ZEN;
– pathogenic bacteria and all sorts of fungi;
– enetro- and viral toxins;
– ammonia, urea, uric acid, phenol, skatole, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, etc.;
– allergens, residues of herbicides and crop protection products (protection of plants) to feed.

Atoxil VP+ – a product with a high safety profile – it is not absorbed and is not split into the gastrointestinal tract of animals and birds.


TU U 10.9 – 32640291 – 004 : 2015
Manufacturer: LLC “Orisil-pharm” 79039, Ukraine, Lviv, Shevchenko str., 31
Tel: (032) 297 04 06
Address of production capacities: Ukraine, city of Kalush, Zavodska street, 1B