The raw material for the obtaining Atoxil is a natural silicon oxide purified from any impurities which takes the form of microspheric particles as a result of a special processing according to the original technology.

When exposed to water, these particles stick to hydroxyl groups of water and form original space structure due to which Atoxil gets its unique properties.

Unique microspherical structure of Atoxil provides:

  1. Significant sorption activity – sorption capacity of toxic substances is 600 mg/g
  2. Baccalaureate action on microorganisms and viruses (1010 per 1 g)
  3. High sorption rate after a few minutes after getting into the gastrointestinal tract
  4. Selectivity of action – it preserves vitamins, trace elements in the body, restores microflora that ensures safety even during long-term administration
  5. The solution is odorless and tasteless that ensures easiness of administration in comparison with gel and other forms of sorbents.
  6. Noninvasiveness for gastrointestinal tract mucous membrane. Indicated for adults and children from the first year of life.

NB! Medicinal product Atoxil is created on the basis of only clear silicon dioxide, free of any impurities and auxiliary substances that ensures its permanent quality and efficiency!

Efficiency and safety of Atoxil have been proven by the results of numerous clinical studies.