February 21st marks the Day of the native language.
In 1999, at the 30th session of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, it was decided to establish an International Day of the native language in order to promote a rich cultural and linguistic diversity.
Preservation of multilingualism not only makes it possible to preserve the history and culture of different peoples for future generations, but also promotes human development in the pursuit of mutual understanding. In addition, multilingualism encourages peoples to save and respect their language, because the disappearance of the language means the disappearance of the people as a nation.

On the Day of native language, Orisil-Pharm employees took part in the flash mob: on February 20th all of them came to work in embroided clothes expressing their love and respect to the Ukrainian language. All internal communications during this day were conducted in Ukrainian.



В сложное для нашей страны время взаимопонимание, поддержка ближнего и вера в собственные силы помогают нам в борьбе за будущее. Мы одна нация: нераздельная, храбрая и миролюбивая.

Любовь к Украине и к родному языку объединяет нас!