We are 10 years old.
10 years of hard work, tireless efforts and aspirations of the whole team to achieve one goal – the production of innovative and effective drugs in the field of efferent therapy.
This is a period when we managed to create not just existing production, but a promising and cost-effective production complex that meets national standards for the quality of manufactured products.
The use of the latest technologies, the production of innovative products, awareness of social responsibility – these are the main criteria which we managed to start, develop and now improve the production process.
Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience in the field of pharmacy and medicine, laid the foundation for reliable partnerships, have received national recognition of consumers.
Thank you to all partners, employees and consumers of the company Orisil-pharm for the fact that you are with us.

There are a lot of reputable companies in the country,
There are “Bayer”, “Arterium”, “Servier”,
But none of them has yet become
So quickly famous in the CIS.

It flew with the speed of the rocket
On the sky of financial lights
And it shone with a bright, strong light
On equal terms with the biggest stars.

It is going fast and smooth
To the top of business putting its path,
And now the anniversary is knocking at the door
And it is possible to look back on passed way.

Not everyone can be proud of such acievements
There can be no boast in any country,
Indeed, “Atoxil” by right takes
The Savior’s role in every famiy.

But “Orisil” will not relax on the laurels,
He conquered the new peak.
And as hangover is our ancient enemy,
Successfully by “Alco sorb” was fought. 

Success always attracts envy
Those who stand on the trail
Copy contemptuous white coal
Unable to invention its own.

We overtook our competitors
With envy they grid their teeth,
Calculate only losses
Always only looking at our back.

I congratulate you on your anniversary,
glorious “Orisil”’s first decade
I wish you all the best and happiness,
So that the whole world you now conquered

Grow, blossom, be adult my company,
Get rewards more than once
At the forefront of scientific innovation
You celebrate your anniversary every year.

The author
Vitaliy Momot
medical representative m.Harkiv


We thank the company “Orisil”,
That 10 years gives us strength
To promote Atoxil,
So that it helps people
And saves everyone from disease.

It can heal poisoning,
From toxins, deliverance,
Diarrhea, vomiting, rash
“Atoxil” eliminates everything.

Removes all symptoms
And the order will bring.
Atoxil has a lot of strength
It is uperpowerful,

Whenever it penetrates the body
it clears everything in your body.
There is still “Eliminal”
You must also give it a medal.

It is deliverance from dysbiosis,
And Flora is recovered,
When it enters the body,
intestine becomes a paradise,
Skin cleans quickly,
All protection strengthens.

All the people are grateful
For the savior “Alko-sorb.”
From hangover there is a salvation
It’s “Alko-sorb” application
It removes all symptoms
And returns your energy.


The author
Larisa Zaozerska
medical representative m.Donetsk