The production complex of the company Orisil-Pharm systematically undergoes inspection of the State Service for Medicines. As a result of the last inspection we received the the GMP Production Requirements Certificate of Conformity

This is another huge victory, which the whole team of Orisil-Pharm is proud of, because we have been working to achieve this for 10 years.

This is a long way of hard work, self-development, as well as significant capital investment in production capacity, its improvement and modernization. We never stop. After all, such events give us even more strength and inspiration to work and develop for the benefit of society.

Brief description of the international GMP standard.
The Good Manufacturing Practice standard is a set of rules and regulations that describe the requirements for the production and quality control of drugs, biologically active additives, food products, medical devices, diagnostic products.

The GMP standard is intended for:

  • providing an excellent level of quality and reliability of manufactured products
  • guarantees that the product is made according to the same formula that is applied for production
  • does not contain third-party applications
  • marked and packaged in the required manner
  • does not lose its properties during the shelf life.

This international standard imposes requirements for a quality management system, personnel management, requirements for equipment used and industrial buildings, as well as requirements for documentation maintenance. Everything must meet the requirements of the highest quality.