There was a long-awaited annual meeting event – XI Award Ceremony of the winners of the «Favorites of Success Contest!

For the second year in a row, preparations of the Ukrainian comapny «Orisil-Pharm» Atoxil and Alko-sorb receive recognition of the best!









In particular, the drug Alko-sorb – Absolute Favorite of Success in the nomination “Anti-hangover drug”.

Atoxil – Absolute Favorite of Success in the nominations: “A drug for the treatment of intestinal infections”, as well as the Favorite of Consumers in the category “Drug from diarrhea” and the Favorite of Consumers in the nomination “The drug from food poisoning (sorbent)”.

The team of Orisil-Pharm expresses its sincere gratitude to the competent jury and industry experts, well-known public persons and, of course, our favorite consumers. This victory has been gained thanks to your support, dear customers, thanks to your votes and positive feedback. This is your choice, a step forward towards European product quality and standard of living. We work for YOU!