Orisil-Pharm company loves children very much and has a good tradition to make a fairy tale on St. Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas from Orisil-Pharm visited children’s hospitals in Lviv and the region with greetings and gifts for the kids!
Despite the fact that some babies were in a quilted state a celebration brought by St. Nicholas, quickly gave them strength, health and mood! The children were delighted to see their favorite characters from the cartoon “Peppa Pig” which the children played with and enjoyed it a lot! All the kids appeared to be very talented and showed all their skills, such as singing, reciting of poetry, dancing and playing a lot!
What beautiful gifts St. Nicholas brought for kids! The children’s eyes were just shining with joy and delight. The boys received cars and jeeps and the girls had soft bears and deer, Barbie dolls in beautiful dresses and white soft bears from the North Pole!

Orisil-Pharm company wishes all children on Earth to be healthy and happy, and have a fantastic childhood. This is the task for adults to present this magic fairy tale to children!