“Orisil-Pharm” is a Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, an expert in the development, implementation and production of innovative efferent drugs for medicine and veterinary medicine.
Our specialization is the creation of new forms and types of efferent drugs based on nano-dispersed silicon dioxide and development of new methods of their usage. We strongly believe that the efferent methods are the future of the therapy and prevention of the diseases because withdrawal of the pathogens from the body, without causing a negative impact on different organs and systems, is a truly revolutionary technology.
The aim of the “Orisil-Pharm” company. We are the experts, and our task is to create innovations in the development, production and implementation of the efferent drugs that will provide new opportunities for the clinicians and will have an effective impact on the health recovery and welfare of millions of people around the world.

Our values:




Creation of Ukrainian drugs complying with the leading European quality standards is the top priority of “Orisil-Pharm”! We implement the principles of quality at all stages of production and non-production processes.
All our products are manufactured in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. This is a practice ensuring that the drug and the active substance are manufactured and controlled in compliance with the assigned standards and regulations according to the requirements set forth in the specifications and documents that were the basis for issuing the licenses for their sale.
Quality Assurance Department supervises implementation of the requirements and compliance with the embedded quality systems and constantly improves them. It is confirmed by a number of successfully passed audits and obtained certificates: GMP, ISO13485, HACCP.
We guarantee that every product that we produce is safe for the patient and that we use only the top quality ingredients for each of our products.

“Orisil-Pharm” is an expert in the development, production and implementation of efferent drugs and techniques to the clinical practice. We fulfill our goal due to our experience that has been accumulated through many years, high-quality professional knowledge, by means of research projects in the field of medicine and pharmacy for creating of innovative drugs, techniques and principles. We are in a constant search and research work that will open up new opportunities for people’s health recovery.

We pay attention and provide help first of all to those who are unable to take care of themselves. Our social and volunteer projects are aimed at helping orphanages, low-income patients and soldiers in the ATO zone.
“Orisil-Pharm” uses saving approaches in the production process. We use raw materials and waste rationally, thus taking care of our environment. We have implemented the Eco-Management System in production, and all extra products that emerge during the manufacturing process are disposed in an ecological way. At our enterprise, we are introducing a complex of energy-saving production technologies.

The main strategy of the Orisil-Pharm” company is “Through innovations to leadership”. It reflects our desire to become the leaders in the market, expanding our activities both in Ukrainian and foreign markets, whereas the focus on innovations allows us to carry out new research work, as well as to develop and introduce to the market innovative efferent drugs for medicine and veterinary medicine.


Committing to the basic principles of work that guide the leading specialists in the production process and realizing the huge responsibility in front of the society, our team helps to improve existing and provide new opportunities for the clinicians to act more effectively and for preserving and recovery of the health of our patients.

History of the company

The Orisil-Pharm” was established on October 16, 2003, by the spouses Kishchak Maksym and Nataliya, the tandem of a doctor and a pharmacist. Orisil-Pharm” company was established as a pharmaceutical direction of the “Orisil” company that is a leading manufacturer of pyrogenic silicon dioxide on the territory of CIS and the countries of Eastern Europe, as well as one of the four largest manufacturers in the world.

Do you know that in 2005 the production of the grug “Atoxil” was launched at Lviv pharmaceutical factory? By that time, “Atoxil” has passed trought all stages of clinical researches and got relevant registration documents.

In 2007, the company invested the first funds in the construction and opening of its own production complex in the town of Kalush of Ivano-Frankivsk region. We have passed through all stages of launching: getting approvals, licenses and certificates, production support in accordance with world standards of good manufacturing practice.

The years 2007-2012 were characterized as a dynamic development of manufacturing activity. Product-line expansion, creation of new production lines and sites.

In 2012, the “Orisil-Pharm” company passed licensing procedure according to new standards, and consequently received termless license for drugs production and a certificate of compliance with the GMP requirements.
In 2012-2019, the company passed certification for compliance with the standards ISO:13485, HACCP.

And in 2017, the company entered the foreign markets with the products Eliminal gel and Alko-sorb. Currently, the drugs of the company are exported to six countries of the world.

Do you know that during 15 years the company has tripled its production space, launched four sites for gel forms production, and now it holds the leading positions at the market of drugs for efferent therapy?

The medications of “Orisil-Pharm” are Ukrainian high quality drugs which are recognized both by the professional medical and pharmaceutical community and the patients.
We are grateful for the trust and support that inspires us to work, develop and create modern and effective drugs for the health and welfare of millions of people!