he creation of high-quality Ukrainian products that meet the best European standards is the main priority for the company Orisil-Pharm! Observance of quality standards in the daily work is a personal rule of each employee of the company.

At Orisil-Pharm, all our products are manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). It is the practice that ensures that a drug and an active substance are manufactured and controlled in accordance with prescribed standards and regulations, as required according to the specifications and documents on the basis of which permits for their circulation are issued.

The Quality Assurance Department oversees the implementation of requirements and compliance with the implemented quality systems, and constantly improves them. It is confirmed with a number of audits and obtained certificates: GMP, Medical device, ISO:22000, HALAL.



How do we care about product quality?

Pharmaceutical quality


Pharmaceutical quality of production is the main advantage of the company Orisil-Pharm. This means that all products, including veterinary products, cosmetics and food additives, are manufactured under the same conditions and with the same high quality standards as medicines.


Security guarantees


We guarantee that every product we produce is safe for the patient and we use only the highest quality ingredients for each of our products. Each batch of manufactured products undergoes quality control in the best laboratories of Ukraine. And we confirm with the relevant studies the effectiveness of each drug.


How do we care about the environment?

The company Orisil-Pharm uses economical approaches in the production process. We use raw materials and waste efficiently. We have implemented the System of eco-management at the production site and all the extra products which are formed during the production process are utilized in environment-friendly way. We are introducing a complex of energy-saving production technologies At the enterprise.