Ukrainians are a nation of fighters. Throughout our history we have fought for our authenticity, for sustainable development and prosperity. This struggle continues to this day. No Ukrainian can stand aside from the aspiration to live decently in a peaceful country. Our company is not an exception.

Pharmaceutical company “Orisil-Pharm” is a Ukrainian company with Ukrainian brands. We are proud that all stages of our drugs manufacturing take place on the territory of Ukraine. We do not withdraw funds abroad as foreign manufacturers, but invest them into the economy of the country. We are convinced that such a principle of work makes both us and the country stronger.

We understand that now when our country goes through difficult times, we must support each other in our struggle for life. The strong ones should help the weak ones to become strong, because only such fraternal support and help makes our people invincible. That’s why, we launch a series of projects to help those who need help the most.

Being guided by the principles of transparency and availability of information, we cover all the stages of the projects, encouraging you to do good things together.
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Together we can do more!